Heather Straka, Betty Txt, 2009/2015, C type photograph crop
Heather Straka, Betty Txt, 2009/2015, C type photograph

Betty Txt, 2009/2015 | Heather Straka

C-type photograph
1060 x 780 mm framed
Edition 4 of 5

This work requires custom framing, the price includes conservation glass, archival framing, packing and shipping. Delivery in 3-4 weeks.

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About Heather Straka Heather Straka's insightful explorations into perceptions of socio-political and cultural lives have created a significant body of compelling and controversial painting work. Straka demonstrates technical control of her medium and coupled with a finely modulated handling of her contentious subject matter, she deftly questions tradition, challenges the politically correct, and subvert expectations. While Straka has caused some outrage in New Zealand with her challenging work, she engages with such debate as a meaningful part of her practice. Link to artists page → 

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