Chris Corson-Scott Bulldozed Farmland in Albany, 2014 crop
Chris Corson-Scott Bulldozed Farmland in Albany, 2014

Bulldozed Farmland in Albany, 2014 | Chris Corson-Scott

Archival pigment photograph
1350 x 1660 mm framed
Edition 2 of 7

Because of its size this work requires custom framing,  packing and shipping. Delivery in 3-4 weeks.

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About Chris Corson-Scott Producing evocative images juxtaposing historic industry within the reclaiming natural world, Corson-Scott captures remnants of industrial behemoths on which prosperity was founded, reminding us of our collective dependence upon, and necessary care of, the natural world. Corson-Scott’s capture of light is the equivalent subject of all his work. Speaking to the essence of the medium, bound to the attempt to arrest the fleeting moment, Corson-Scott remains resolutely insistent on the use of analogue film and ‘old-fashioned’ 8×10 view-camera as critical to the aesthetic of his work.

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