Car Stories, 2018 | Marie Shannon
Marie Shannon Car Stories 2018 Single channel video still

Car Stories, 2018 | Marie Shannon

Single channel video
14:27 minutes, Edition of 5

Not including hardware

View short clip below (low-res)

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About Marie Shannon Marie Shannon has been creating delicately intimate, witty and thoughtful works for over thirty years. While the domestic has been her primary concern, her work has also addressed the artwork of others as a way to investigate the creative process. Since the death of her partner, artist Julian Dashper, in 2009, Shannon has been cataloguing his works and archive in their shared Auckland studio. Working with photography as her principle medium, her practice also incorporates drawing and video. Shannon is interested in the narrative or poetic resonance of the single object, "using photography to display, or show something and to ask the viewer to pay attention to it." Link to artists page →  

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