Stephen Bambury Drawing on Secret Knowledge (I) 2014 Pencil, acrylic, enamel, 23k gold on handmade Indian paper

Drawing on Secret Knowledge (I), 2014 | Stephen Bambury

Pencil, acrylic, enamel and 23k gold on 
handmade Indian paper
490 x 480mm framed

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About Stephen Bambury Bambury's dual explorations of art and architecture from a diversity of historic periods and cultures, and his productive preoccupation for over forty years with the square, circle and cross has yielded a body of work that mines rich seams, fusing intellectual and emotional content with material form. The central importance of materiality to Bambury’s practice is underpinned by comprehensive technical investigation and mastery of precious metal gilding, aluminium, resin, graphite, chemical patinas, rust, screen printing and photography. Link to artists page→ 

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