Vincent Ward, Haiku - Ink, 2016, single channel video, still, crop
Vincent Ward, Haiku - Ink, 2016, single channel video, still

Haiku - Ink, 2016 | Vincent Ward

Single channel video
2:22 minutes, Edition of 7

Not including hardware

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About Vincent Ward Internationally recognised for his ability to convey powerful emotional and psychological experiences through the use of moving image, Ward is both an artist and an award winning filmmaker. His experimental mixed media work explores the terrain where movement, paint and film collide. In both film and art, Ward engages in the visceral language exploring moments of transformation, psychic states and our relationship with the physical world. In 1999 Ward developed with his team a motion painting aesthetic that led to an Academy Award for Best Visual Effects for his film 'What Dreams May Come'. Ward has continued to build on these techniques, ensuring his practice remains at the forefront of innovation in this area.

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