Phil Dadson Headstamp (Atacama), 2014 single channel video still crop
Phil Dadson Headstamp (Atacama), 2014 single channel video still

Headstamp (Atacama), 2014 | Phil Dadson

Single channel digital video
7:50 minutes, Edition of 3

Not including hardware

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About Phil Dadson Recognised internationally for pushing the boundaries of sound and intermedia art since the 70s, Phil Dadson is a seminal figure in New Zealand’s art history and has influenced a generation of leading mid-career artists. His highly inventive transdisciplinary approach to making art includes solo and group performances on original instruments, exhibitions, building experimental sonic objects, video / sound installation, music composition and graphic scores. Video remains a constant passion for Dadson, as much for its ability to synergistically combine image and sound as for its unique physicality. Link to artists page→ 

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