John Edgar Black Granite 4 Glass, 2017

Black Granite 4 Glass, 2017 | John Edgar

Granite and glass
115 x 63 x 23 mm

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About John Edgar John Edgar has achieved international renown over three decades for his enormous technical sophistication, necessary to create works without flaw, fault, scratch or blemish. Pursuing the ancient knowledge of stone carving techniques in his travels to China, Korea, Taiwan and India, Edgar has also physically explored the great quarries of Scotland, Australia and India, and prospected in New Zealand’s rugged South Island. Central to his practice of balancing concept, material and process is deep regard for the environment. He says, ‘These slices of the land are revelations of how intimately the environment meshes. How seamless are the interrelationships of earth and sky, land and sea, heaven and earth, black and white? The convergence of the two into one.’ Link to artists page→ 

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